A Weighty Issue for Big Instruments

Tubas are one of the biggest musical instruments, and certainly one of the heaviest. And when it comes to shipping one overseas, you don’t want a heavy case to carrying it or your shipping costs will go through the roof. One of our customers needed a protective case for their tuba which was headed to the USA. They needed the entire package to weigh in at under 32kg to avoid the hefty excess baggage charges, not an easy ask. With a skillful production process and weighing in at each step of the way, we managed to make a super light weight black corex case with superior foam lining that came in under 32kg, fully loaded. Quite a few high fives amongst the team at the final weigh in. We love seeing our clients happy and were delighted to present our client with the highest quality protective case for this gorgeous instrument, and to meet their tight weight requirements. The picture below is from baggage loading at O’hare Airport in Chicago.


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