Choosing the right Foam for your Case

We custom cut the foam interiors of our cases using a combination of hand cutting and CNC technology. Choosing the right type of foam depends on a variety of factors ranging from the level of protection needed, transport environment, item size and weight.

There are basically two types of high density foam that we work with, closed cell foam and open cell foam. Closed cell foam is our premium solution and an excellent choice to protect items being shipped or in transit many times. It provides the best shock resistance and protection. It is non-absorbent so will not absorb water and moisture. It is also the best looking foam resulting in a smooth finish.

Open cell foam is not as premium and most frequently used in combination with the closed cell foam or simply in the case lining.

We can provide a full custom built case solution but keep in mind we also have a state of the art foam fabrication facilities so can easily make a new foam interior to fit inside an existing case.

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