Assembled Cases

  • Highest strength and resilience
  • Made from aluminium double angle and interlocked tongue and groove closure
  • Suitable for medium – large equipment
  • Traditional ‘Roadies Case’

There are three main types of assembled cases available. Choose one of the following
welded cases with the finishings to best suit your needs;

Assembled Ultimate Tough Case:

  • Recessed locks and handles
  • Highest quality foam
  • Reinforced corners
  • Reinforced closure
  • Full-length Piano hinge

Assembled Ultra Tough Case:

  • Recessed locks and handles
  • Standard foam
  • Reinforced corners
  • Standard strut hinges

Assembled Tough Case:

  • Surface-mount locks and handles
  • Standard foam
  • Strutt hinges
  • Rubber feet

Once you have picked the assembled case to best suit your needs form the above options,
we’ll help you select the type of ‘shell’ or outer materials for your case. There are three main
options; Aluminium/laminate on plywood, Flight panel cases or Corex cases.