Samuelson Cases provide a large range of interior solutions designed to protect your valuable equipment. We consider adequate protection, maximum functionality and minimum case size when designing the interior of your case.

Foam options include:

  • Lower cost open cell foam
  • High quality closed cell foam
  • Anti static foam

Interior options include

Basic low cost lining
Used when cost is an issue and the equipment does not require maximum protection

Divides case interior for multiple items, typical on medium to large cases.

Lift out Trays
Enables access to items stored in the lower part of the case. Tray usually holds smaller items such as cables, laptops, microphones etc. The ideal way of getting everything in one case whilst not compromising on convenience.

Typically used on a front opening case, this makes the case really versatile. The drawers are on full extension ball bearing runner and are rated to 45kgs. This effectively changes the case into a highly efficient cabinet.

Double layer foaming
Used for highly sensitive and valuable equipment, this involves an outside layer of soft foam for low frequency vibration and a inner lining of high density closed cell foam to give maximum protection.

Isolation Frames
Used to suspend equipment in the case whilst protecting from shock.

Full Foam Block
Our specialty! The ultimate protection for your equipment. Full or partial foam block is profile cut in 3 dimensions to produce a tailor made void for each piece of equipment. This gives you an individual space for each piece of equipment in the case making losing or misplacing gear on location a thing of the past. You can tell at glance if anything is missing.

We custom make a specialized template of the case layout which ensures a perfect fit. This also makes repeats of the layout easier further down the track.